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BACK to the FUTURE "Forced Perspective"

Run Time -  5:27   Release Date -  10/15/14

In our 2nd BACK TO THE FUTURE installment, we tackle the technique of "Forced Perspective".


Forced Perspective is a visual effect that can make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is.


We followed a simple formula to get our 1/24th & 1/15th scale Delorean to match our backdrop.


Distance from Camera (ft) x Scale of Model =Distance between FG model & BG


We were shooting on a Canon 5d Mark II with a 17mm wide angle lens. 


This formula may change with different type of lenses used. 


This formula is a good guide to get you close to where you need to be, but tinkering will always be necessary.


 Part 3 will go into how we created our miniature Hill Valley, and also some composting techniques used in post production.  


Music by:  Big Fok


In Association with PBS Digital Studios

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