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Full Sensor vs. Crop Sensor

Run Time -  1:39   Release Date -  4/08/15

Check out some comparisons between my crop sensor Canon 60d and my full sensor Canon 5d Mark II.


I enjoy using both of my Canon HDSLR and feel like I double my lens collection because I can get a totally different look with the same lens used on either of my full or crop sensor cameras.


To find out what kind of focal length & field of view your crop sensor camera has with a particular lens simply take the (focal length of lens X 1.6) = crop sensor focal length (just make sure your not using a crop sensor lens when doing this equation)


So if you are shooting with a 50MM lens on a crop sensor camera, you are essentially shooting with an 80MM lens.


Music by: Big Fok

In Association with: PBS Digital Studios


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