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Renting a Drone

Run Time -  11:09   Release Date -  3/11/15

I had an itch to rent a DJI Phantom 2 drone for 3 days.


Here's what I learned to do, and more importantly, what NOT to do.


The biggest take away is that once your battery hits one bar of power and your drone is in GPS mode, it will go back to set destination point. 


I learned the hard way that that's what the blinking red lights meant.So the drone crashed and damaged the gimbal head. 


I lost my deposit and could have bought the base model Phantom with the money lost.  


Rental for 3 days was $130, included shipping.My advice: If you plan to rent one a drone, get the original Phantom, with no fancy add-ons, which is way better for beginners....


I still want to get a drone, though!


Music by:  Big Fok


In Association with:  PBS Digital Studios

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