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Star Trek "Energize Effect"

Run Time -  4:57   Release Date -  7/19/16

The Star Trek teleport / energize effect has been featured in every iteration of the franchise, dating back to the 1964 TV pilot.

The special effect was created by Darrell Arthur Anderson.

To obtain the “glitter effect”, aluminum dust was photographed as it was dropped from overhead, falling through a beam of high-intensity light.

Learn how to re-create this effect with household items like glitter and alka-seltzer tablets.

To create the looks from the 80s films I captured different reflective objects out of focus to create the "light beam" effect seen in these films.  

I did extensive research and couldn't find out exactly how they were done in films from the 80s.  If anyone knows please let us know !!!

Music by: Big Fok
Camera by: Kyle Platz

In Association with: PBS Digital Studios

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