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The original STARS WARS lightsaber effect

Run Time -  6:24   Release Date -  12/16/15

The lightsaber from Star Wars is arguably the most famous weapon in the history of cinema.

Go back in time to 1977 and learn how the lightsaber was first captured with the help of the highly reflective material "Scotchlite" & a compact motor at the hilt.

If you want to try this out yourself, "Scotchlite" tape rolls can be found at local hardware store for around $10.

I also went in search of a Graflex flashgun handle and was lucky enough to find one but it was one from the 60s and not the sleek silver version that Luke uses in Episode IV & V.  

Enjoy guys, and I'm not seeing Star Wars till Sunday morning, so it's going be tough reading comments till then.

The opening of this episode is a little scene I've always wanted in a Star Wars movie... acquiring a Kyber crystal and constructing a lightsaber.

I know there is that deleted scene from Return of the Jedi of Luke adjusting his lightsaber settings, but I want a little more in depth account.

Enjoy guys !!

Music by: Big Fok & Paul Dateh

In Association with: PBS Digital Studios

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