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OPPENHEIMER VFX tests | Part 1: Subatomic effects

Run Time -  1:43   Release Date -  1/31/23     

Tests for subatomic particle effects for the upcoming film Oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan.


I saw the trailer and thought a lot of my light painting and fluid dynamic shots looked similar to the trailer footage so I wanted to put a montage of effects that I think resemble the trailer footage.


Some of this footage is from past episodes but a lot of the effects seen here are new visuals that I captured with a microscope over the last couple of years. At the 37-38 second mark, I'm still stumped on what was used to create those circular atomic streak elements.


Any ideas from you guys how that was achieved?


For Part 2, I may end up trying and create some miniature mushroom clouds. I've looked for videos online and found several good looking mushroom cloud reactions that looked somewhat safe and didn't need too much TNT.


I'll keep you posted on this process. :-)

Thanks for checking this out!

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