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Creating the Cosmos in 8K with Canon 5DS

Run Time -  3:48   Release Date -  10/7/15

Watch us CREATE THE COSMOS with the Canon 5DS to achieve 8K resolution!

The Canon 5DS has a 50.6 megapixel which is equivalent to an
8688 X 5792 aspect ratio.  Believe it or not I actually had to scale down to 89% to fit the 8K aspect ratio of 7680 X 4320.

We shot image sequences with the "high speed continuous mode" on which allowed us to capture at around 2-4 frames per second.  

We then brought images it into After Effects, turned them into 24fps image sequences.  We made 1280x720 QuickTime proxy files to edit with in premiere and then brought them back into After Effects for final export.

The 8K compressed video was around 14GB in size.

8K resolution may seem like overkill for most platforms but not for us.  We are working on a film (CREATING THE COSMOS) made for IMAX©, Giant Screen, and Dome / Planetarium theaters.  

There are a handful of full dome theaters that are 8K ready with an aspect ratio of 8192 X 6144.

We actually presented a 5 minute extended trailer (will release video soon) at the annual Giant Screen Cinema association conference this past September.  It was an out-of-body experience seeing our work projected onto the 2nd largest screen in North America (AMC Metreon) with the newest IMAX© laser projection system. to know more

Music by Paul Dateh which is a remix from the song "Breathe" by Télépopmusik.

Outro Music by: Big Fok

In Association with PBS Digital Studios

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