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Ghostbusters "Surge Protector" Trap

Run Time -  9:22   Release Date -  6/14/16

As a young boy, I always thought surge protectors looked like Ghostbuster ghost traps.  

With the new Ghostbusters film coming out, I thought why not live out a childhood fantasy and actually turn a surge protector into a ghost trap.

Sean Bishop's ghost trap plans were an invaluable resource.
I've made a PDF version of these plans to download here...

I will also be posting detailed images of parts used in this build in the same dropbox folder.  I think getting the nuts, bolts, and PVC materials for trap will be easier to find at your local hardware store.

Here is a Amazon product list to many of the items used...

One day, I do want to put servo motors in this trap, and also a foot pedal switch.

Hope you guys like it !!!

Music by: Big Fok
Camera by: Kyle Platz

In Association with: PBS Digital Studios

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