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INTERSTELLAR black hole "Master Class"

Run Time -  37:52   Release Date -  11/25/14

An in-depth look at Creating the Cosmos and the INSTERSTELLAR black hole.


In this episode I break downmy process of creating cosmic backgrounds with

my "sheet of glass" technique.


Hopefully you guys will get a better understanding of how this process works by

watching me break the steps down. 


We've teamed up with Red Giant Software to show you a 40 minute epic tutorial

of every little thing that went into creating our black hole.  


I've always used Red Giant filters, dating back to 2005. 


I recommend checking out their UNIVERSE bundle, there a tons of create filters

that can really assist you in-creating high end imagery


Sign up for your free UNIVERSE membership today...


If you want a more in-depth tutorial on how to achieve these effects check out my

web course "Practical Magic" at... 

(trailer & course info should be up in a few days if its not up there)


Music by:  KleptonautIn


In Association with:  PBS Digital Studios

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