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Jupiter in a Jar

Run Time -  5:22   Release Date -  7/5/16

Create a realistic looking Jupiter with a jar, milk, dish soap, and food coloring.

I came up with this technique after watching footage of liquid orbs floating aboard the International Space Station.

I wondered if you could create planet-like orbs made of milk on the ISS.  

What I figured is that if you were to substitute water for milk (higher fat content would be ideal) and put a 2 drops of red food & 1 drop of yellow food coloring in milk, take a syringe and give it a puff of air so it gets spread out, then ad a drop of dish soap on each pole of sphere.  Hopefully the surface tension between the fat molecules and soap will create a similar reaction to how the texture & clouds of planet Jupiter work.  And also look very similar to it as well.

You could have the milk sphere be suspended by a tiny rod or wire?  So you wouldn't have to chase it around while applying food coloring and soap, this way would give you more control and once you got the milk sphere looking good, you could then release it, letting it float around the ISS.

Now this is just a theory, but I hope this video will inspire those aboard the ISS to give it a shot !!!

So please share this video and see if we can actually get astronauts to try this out.

For more videos that deal with liquids in micro-gravity, please check out SCIENCE OFF THE SPHERE. which are a set of videos created by astronaut Dr. Don Pettit who I actually have bounced around some ideas with on this subject.

Music by: BIG FOK
Camera by: KYLE PLATZ
In Association with: PBS DIGITAL STUDIOS

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