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Sand Art Landscapes in 4K

Run Time -  2:52   Release Date -  9/2/15

A sand picture consists of two panes of glass glued together creating an air tight seal.


Liquid, sand, and small pockets of air live inside the glass.Rotating the sand picture will cause the air bubbles inside the glass to rise.


Creating an air barrier between the liquid & sand.The sand will eventually start to squeeze itself through the air bubbles.


More air inside the glass = slower avalanche of sand.  

Less air inside the glass = faster avalanche of sand.


Air can be regulated with a small blunt syringe needle.I used 3 different sand art picture frames.  


1)  Pink Frame (3.5 x 6 inches) I purchased at the store "5 and Below" for 3 dollars a few months ago.  I went back there to see if they had more, but they no longer had them in-stock.  (worked really well, liquid was blue which actually helped sell the effect when adding in different backgrounds.)


2)  Westminster Sandscapes (the one seen briefly that created multiple hills)  15-20 dollars


3)  Aurora Borealis Movie Sand Art, by Rainbow Vision8.5 x 13 inches , 75 dollarsThe larger frame made all the difference for allowing me to use my wide angle lens to help achieve a deeper focus. It came with a picture in the background.  I took picture out and then taped down the edges in the back so the glass would have support.


I plan to make my own sand art picture frame in the near future. I searched the web for some DIY tutorials but didn't find any.


Let me know if you guys have any suggestions on building a Sand Art picture frame.


Filmed with the Sony FS7 with Super 35 sensor

Filmed resolution of 4096x2160 at 60fps


Music by: Big Fok


In Association with: PBS Digital Studios

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