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Top 5 NASA Inspired Films

Run Time -  8:47   Release Date -  12/9/14

In this episode, I give my top 5 films inspired by NASA.


I am always scouring the web for interesting content to inspire me, and thought it would be cool to share some of my favorites.


Now a couple of these films in the top 5 may not have direct roots to NASA, but I didn't want to feature any films produced by NASA because I plan to do a top 5 on that in the future.


Here is a playlist I created so you can watch all 5 of these films.


I am currently working on our "Recreating Hubble Telescope imagery" and thought this would be a fun episode to put out while I am finishing it.Agree with my top 5 NASA inspired films?


Please comment below with other videos that you think should have made the list.


Here is the top 5 once again...


5.  Stardust by PostPanic Production

4.  Universe by National Film Board of Canada

3.  Wanderers by Erik Wernquist

2.  In Saturn's Rings by Stephen van Vuuren

1. The Tree of Life (creation sequence) by Terrence Malick


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