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WIGGLE ROOM  (stop-motion film)

Run Time -  8:00   Release Date -  12/7/12 

Many things happen around the kitchen when you're not there.  Come along for the ride with the most unlikely character... a slug.  Watch as he ventures into a new world filled with vibrant colors and delicious treats.  However, the soothing environment is only a disguise for the evil that is lurking nearby.

First time animator, Joey Shanks brings you a "stop-motion" film like no other.  With many "stop-motion" animated films are shot at 12 frames per second, many of the high paced scenes of this film have been shot between 24 - 60 frames per second.    

With such a high frame rate comes "highly detailed" and "super smooth" animated sequences.  With some 2 seconds clips taking up to 8 hours to capture, we hope audiences will appreciate the extra frames included.  The reliance on CGI was avoided to help create an organic look and feel.   

The imperfections of stop-motion animation is what makes it a magical medium of storytelling.  We hope "Wiggle Room" will be a refreshing reprise to an old art form of cinema. 


Winner of "Best Animated Short"

- 42nd USA Film Festival

- Indie Grits Film Festival

- Carrboro Film Festival

- Cape Fear Film Festival


One of 56 films to be screened for Academy Award consideration in 2012.



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