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Super 8 Filmmakers Guide "Part 3" (Working with Projectors)

Run Time -  10:38   Release Date -  8/30/16

Learn about film projectors in our 3rd installment of our Super 8 film making series.  

I'd recommend practicing with an 8mm projector and find old home movie reels at thrift / antique shops.  Just about every old projector has some little quirk to it, and its better to find out with old film rather than your own.

The combo Super 8 / 8mm projector seems like its the best one to own, but that was the one that jammed up the most on me.  It's cause it didn't use the film sprockets to move film through gate.

I may be doing an episode that deals with burning film frames.  That was very fun to do!!!

Special thanks to Ruben Marrufo for his helpful insights on the Super8 format and working with these projectors.  He let me know that it's better to film at 30fps rather than 24fps when digitally capturing screen.

Music by: Big Fok
Camera by: Kyle Platz

In Association with: PBS Digital Studios

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