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Super 8 Filmmakers Guide "Part 4" (Film Look from Digital)

Run Time -  7:57   Release Date -  9/15/16      PASSWORD : Super8

In our last installment of our Super 8 Filmmakers Guide Series, we go into great detail on how to pull off the Super 8 look with digital footage.

(Check out the opening for our film GALAXY GULCH at the end of this episode)

The trick is to capture film reference shots, so you can match the color and grain to your digital footage.

We also use real film grain and scratches from the end tails of our Super 8 film rolls.

And the last element (the most important) is to motion track the film cameras shake and apply it to your digital footage.  This really ties all those other elements together and makes for an authentic film look.

Music by: Big Fok
Camera by: Kyle Platz

In Association with: PBS Digital Studios

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