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What looks better... FILM or DIGITAL????


We may never know the answer to that question but here are some side by side comparisons of a Canon 5d (Full Sensor) digital camera and a Canon 7E (35mm) film camera.Please weigh in on the discussion and let us know what you think about the last frame, is it film or digital???


Cameras Used:


Canon 5d Mark II (digital) ISO 400Canon 7e (35mm film) Fuji 400 Stock(the Vivitar camera seen in the video was not used, I already returned the Canon 7E and wanted a shot with both cameras together in frame, and also close-ups of the mechanics of a 35mm camera)


Shot Info:


SALT SHAKER \ 50mm Canon \ f22 \ 2 sec

DRIVING on ROAD \ 12-24mm Tokina \ f22 \ 2.5 sec (ND Filter)

MAGNETIC PUTTY \ 100mm Canon Macro \ f3.2 \ 1/25

WOMEN PORTRAIT \ 100mm Canon Macro \ f5 \ 1/80

STEAM KETTLE \ 50mm Canon \ f2 \ 1/60

STEEL WOOL BURNING \ 100mm Canon Macro \ f2.8 \ .8 sec

SLAMDANCE \ 50mm Canon \ f5.6 \ 2 sec

STAR TREK Transporter \ 50mm Canon \ f14 \ 2 sec

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