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Learn how to create hypnotic imagery by burning film in a projector.

For our Super 8 filmmakers guide series I purchased a projector on Ebay.  Unfortunately the "reverse" did not work but this turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  It gave me the ability to burn film relatively easy if I just loaded film in the projector and engaged the "reverse" function.

Different film stocks give off different looks and my favorite was some old 8mm film from 1950s. Most of the film footage is just random reels I purchased at thrift shops.  I tested out 16mm and 35mm film stocks where I cut the film so it would fit inside my Super 8 projector film gate.

One word of advice is always leave the lamp casing on while operating.  I had a bulb explode on me and if the lamp casing wasn't on, it would have been very ugly.  Safety goggles are recommended as well.  

Music by:  Big Fok

In association with: PBS Digital Studios

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