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Super 8 Filmmakers Guide "Part 2" (Shooting a Test Roll)

Run Time -  12:38   Release Date -  8/16/16

Part 2 covers your basic Super 8 camera operations and shooting a test roll to see if your Super 8 camera is working properly.

I'd recommend shooting a test roll with black & white reversal film.  It will be about half the cost of shooting on color film.
We will dive into that more in Part 3.

Also, I have a bonus episode that goes in-depth on how to ship out your test roll to a film processing lab.  It's not the most exciting video, but it will save you some time and trouble of in-depth researching.  You can find it on our homepage at...

Please leave comments and questions below, and will try and answer as many as I can.

Special thanks to RYAN TIMMS for letting us borrow his Canon 814 Super 8 camera.

Music by:  BIG FOK
Camera by: KYLE PLATZ

In Association with:  PBS Digital Studios

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