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Learn how to shoot on the 16mm film format in this in-depth beginners guide.

Topics covered in this video are...

1) Difference between 16mm and Super 16mm
2) Learning about the Russian K-3 16mm camera
3) Loading 16mm film
4) Taking a proper light reading with a traditional light meter, HDSLR, and an iPhone.

Some additional tips and notes that I didn't mention in this video...

- You don't have to load film in the dark.  You will expose a couple feet of film but the remaining 48 feet will be fine.  Just make sure you load in a shaded area and not in direct sunlight.

- If you don't have an extra roll of 16mm film to practice loading your camera with, you can cut a few feet off of a fresh roll of 16mm film and just practice with that.

- is a great website to go to and is filled with tons of great info on learning more about the K3 camera.

- When your 16mm camera is not in-use its best to hold down the trigger and run out the drive spring so camera isn't wound.

- If your light meter doesn't go all the way down to "0" when sensor is covered, there is a flathead screw on the back that you can turn and fine tune your meter.

- If you are shooting outside with lots of light, you will insert the "high" slide plate found on the back of light meter into the light sensor.  You will then line everything up with the "red arrow" instead of the "white arrow".

I will share a link of what I capture at the fair in a couple weeks !!!

Special thanks again to Ruben Marrufo for his help and also recommending the K3 camera.  I'm very happy with my K3 and don't think I would have purchased it without his strong recommendation.

Music by: Big Fok
In Association with: PBS Digital Studios

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