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Super 8 Filmmakers Guide "Part 1" (Cameras & Asscessories)

Run Time -  13:16   Release Date -  8/2/16

This 3 part series will go over everything you need to know in order to shoot on Super 8 film.

Part 1 deals with Super 8 cameras and accessories.  Many times you can find working cameras at thrift shops.  Learn what features you need to look for and how to test for them.

I also go over some key camera accessories that will help in maximizing your ability to get the most out of this format.

I've put together a PDF of great links that go into further detail about film stocks, cameras, and shooting tips.  You will also find links to some of the items I purchased for my Super 8 camera.

Part 2 will deal with shooting a test roll and how to send off roll to get it processed and digitized.

Part 3 will document us shooting a little 2 page script on Super 8 film and the challenges that come with shooting a narrative story on film.

Special thanks to RYAN TIMMS for letting us borrow his Canon 814 Super 8 camera.

Music by:  BIG FOK
Camera by: KYLE PLATZ

In Association with:  PBS Digital Studios

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